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Terms of Use


Terms of Use and Engagement

Authority to Act

  1. You authorise MyAccountant (MA) to act as your tax agent for all purposes associated with your tax affairs including the preparation of your personal and business tax returns and business financial statements and reports.
  2. You authorise MyAccountant to do the following:
  • Link your IRD number to their tax agency and delink you from any previous tax agency.
  • Retain all your tax information and tax records to enable them to carry out all work relating to your tax returns and any other task involving income tax, student loan, family assistance rebates, and all other tax matters.
  • Sign personal, trusts, companies and any other business tax return, GST return and other returns to do with tax on your behalf.
  • Undertake any other work they deem necessary to ensure your compliance with tax law or to protect your interests.
  • Undertake all other work authorised by you and as accepted by you in the Authority to Act and Letter of Engagement.
  • To accept as your electronic signature that which was ticked in your Authority to Act and Business Questionnaire when becoming a client.
  1. You acknowledge that MyAccountant reserves the right to withdraw their services and ‘delink’ you from their tax agency with the Inland Revenue Department at any time without prior notification and for any reason whatsoever. You agree that should this occur you accept full liability and responsibility for any fees still due to MA.

    Cancellation of Representation
  1. By completing your Authority to Act and Business Questionnaire you are appointing MyAccountant as your tax agent. The MyAccountant Tax Agency may be held by its administration tax agents.  This appointment will continue until such time as you decide to revoke that appointment by notifying MyAccountant by email that you no longer want them as your tax agent.
  2. If before you choose to remove MyAccountant as your tax agent, MyAccountant had already advised you of tax returns already filed on your behalf, then before the cancellation is fully complete you agree to settle all fees still due to MyAccountant for all and any work carried out on your behalf.

Our Obligations

We undertake to:

  1. Carry out all accounting and tax work for you in a competent and professional manner.
  2. Treat you with the utmost respect and work with you if any issues arise requiring a resolution that we both accept.
  3. To ensure full client confidentiality at all times regarding all work done for you and all records retained and maintained for you.
  4. Provide ongoing services for you every year until you advise that you no longer require our services.
  5. To comply with NZ Tax Law and rules of the Inland Revenue Department as they apply to work we do for you.
  6. Review all tax assessments for you from the Inland Revenue Department and attend to any matters that require action.

Your Obligations.


  1. Will complete the Business Questionnaire accurately to the best of your knowledge, and provide MyAccountant with accurate and complete information at all times to enable the compilation of your business financial statements, GST and tax returns.
  2. Acknowledge that by submitting all your information in the online business questionnaire which you sign, MyAccountant is authorised to lodge tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department on your behalf.
  3. Authorise MyAccountant to link you to the IRD as your tax agent and you herewith give authority to MyAccountant to act for you until you notify them otherwise.
  4. Will ensure MyAccountant disclaimer is attached if distributing tax information or tax details to any other third party.
  5. Agree that MyAccountant should contact you at the start of each year regarding your tax work for that year.
  6. Agree to provide MyAccountant with such information, documents or identification as it may request from time to time.
  7. Accept that any failure to supply MyAccountant with all relevant records, information or adequate answers to all their questions or queries in a timely manner may cause errors or omissions which may result in you becoming liable for tax arrears, interest or penalties
  8. Agree that MyAccountant will have no liability or responsibility to you if the information provided by you is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.
  9. Grant full permission for MyAccountant to sign tax returns, GST returns and other tax papers on your behalf while acting as your agent.
  10. Agree that where you have a tax bill to pay to IRD, you are solely responsible for the payment of that tax and any associated penalties, interest or other charges.

Accuracy of Information Provided

  1. MyAccountant rely upon the information submitted by you to file correct returns to Inland Revenue.
  2. You acknowledge that MyAccountant does not undertake any audit or verification of information that you provide for your accounting and tax work.
  3. You acknowledge that submitting the Business Questionnaire constitutes your full electronic signature when ticked in the appropriate box.

ID Verification

You agree that MyAccountant through an appointed third party provider, may verify your identity by photo identification, address verification, NZ Driver Licence verification, and/or NZ Passport verification (if details are supplied by you).

Fees and Collection

  1. You agree to pay to MyAccountant their fees as agreed to and as displayed on their website from time to time:
  2. If you have a question or dispute regarding the fee, please contact MyAccountant immediately to ensure that any errors can be corrected and misunderstandings do not occur
  3. You agree to be responsible for any costs incurred by MyAccountant in the collection of any unpaid fees due by you.

Information Collected

You are advised that MyAccountant receive information when you interact with them via their website. Their server logs and various tools assist them gather information as to browser, operating system, URL of sites you came from, your location and the content you view when visiting their website.

They may also have third party service providers to assist them track the effectiveness of their website, build visitor traffic and display advertising.


  1. You agree to receive postal, email, text message (SMS) and/or phone correspondence relating to your tax affairs.
  2. You acknowledge that all tax related emails will be sent to the email address provided by you at registration and that you will notify MyAccountant of any change in your contact details.
  3. You acknowledge and consent to MyAccountant validating the authenticity of your driver’s licence and/or passport through a third party through various communication means.
  4. You acknowledge that you may receive email marketing from MyAccountant from time to time and that you can click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email, or contact MyAccountant by email on info@myaccountant.co.nz if you wish to opt out.


  1. MyAccountant is subject to confidentiality requirements, in addition to obligations under the Privacy Act 1993. MyAccountant will only disclose that information to other parties in accordance with its Privacy Policy or as required by law.
  2. MyAccountant agree that you have the right to request a copy of your information held by them, as well as the right to correction of any incorrect information about you held by them.


  1. Confidentiality is strictly maintained in regards to all your tax affairs.
  2. You agree that MyAccountant may need to carry out tax work on your behalf. In this instance it may be necessary to disclose information to Inland Revenue Department or ACC that is requested under the law.  Other than the parties mentioned above, we will not disclose any of your information to anyone without your express permission.


  1. Your satisfaction is important to MyAccountant.
  2. If MyAccountant has made a mistake or if you are not satisfied with the service contact them and advise them of your complaint.
  3. MyAccountant promise to look into every complaint and resolve it with you so all parties are satisfied.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

  1. We advise that MyAccountant have not audited or reviewed the information provided by you for your accounting and tax work so neither MyAccountant nor any of their employees accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the financial statements, GST and tax returns prepared from information supplied and subsequently lodged with the Inland Revenue Department.
  2. Your Financial Statements as well as your GST and Tax returns have been prepared at the request of, and for the purposes of you the client only, so neither MyAccountant nor its employees accept any responsibility on any ground whatever, including liability in negligence, to any other person, except where required by consumer law.

 7 Day Notice

We reserve the right to fully update our terms and conditions or fees from time to time on 7 days’ notice to you via email.

 Intellectual Property

  1. MyAccountant owns or has licensed all intellectual property rights in the content, software and tools on its website. All title, interest and rights (including but not limited to ownership and intellectual property rights remains in MyAccountant name or that of its providers.
  2. You acknowledge such title, interest and rights in the LP Rights and will not take any action to jeopardise, limit or interfere in any manner with the interests or rights in the IP.

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