About success in business

What is success?

‘Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm’ – Winston Churchill..

‘Success does not consist of never making mistakes but of never making the same one a second time’ – George Bernard Shaw.

‘Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom’ – George Patten.

‘My great concern is not whether you have failed but whether you are content with your failure’ – Abraham Lincoln.

‘I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’ – Thomas Edison.

Examples of success

Success is achieving goals that you have set yourself. Success is arriving at your planned destination. Success is winning that race. Success is having a profitable business. Success is reaching the top of the mountain. Success is landing that big marlin. Success is baby walking unaided for the first time.

Success is landing the ‘part of a lifetime’. Success if about enjoying an abundant life with prosperity, peace, joy and happiness around people that you like and love. Success are all these and more.

Experts have been telling us for many years that we need to ‘think success’. That thinking success will go a long way to eventually becoming a success.

Psychologists often point out that if you picture yourself as someone who is going to succeed then success is going to be a lot easier to achieve. If you do the opposite then failure will generally be the result. There are certain qualities that are possessed by most men or women who can be termed to be a success in their life or in their vocation.

Characteristics for success

Here are some of the qualities necessary for success.

  • Character.
    Build a good character. Character is what you are when there is no one else around. Character is how you behave when no one can see what you are doing. Character is the real you. It is important to build your character.
  • Commitment.
    Most successful people were committed. They set themselves goals and then set about working to achieve those goals. They were focused and they had a plan. Commitment means putting ‘that thing’ at the top of your priority list until you have succeeded in it.
  • Motivation.
    Most successful people are self-motivated. They are motivated by the thrill of achieving so they find it easy to get out of bed in the morning. You need to build this motivation up so there is a driving force behind you that will enable you to overcome difficulties and challenges that come along.
  • Stability.
    Develop emotional stability because this is a trait that successful people have to enable them to cope with pressures. Try not to be an up and down type of person, don’t get carried away with every suggestion that is put to you but sit down calmly and quietly assess the proposal or situation before making a choice of the direction you will go. Build a good support team around you of family and associates because that will contribute to stability.
  • Health.
    Successful people tend to take care of their health. Unfortunately too many people, especially those in business, sacrifice their health in order to get wealth. If you are not eating properly and exercising you will not be at your peak health wise. Illness can cause many problems including jeopardizing a business deal or curtailing your competing in an important event. There is no doubt that good health is great wealth.
  • Never Quit.
    Successful people are those people who refuse to give up. They will never quit. They stay focused and work at achieving their goals, come what may. You need to have a never quit attitude in your life if you are to succeed. Many highly successful business men and women today have succeeded to where their businesses have become multi-million dollar operations but this has come about after failing two, three or even four times along the way.Too many people give up at the first sign of trouble or if a minor problem raises it head so it is important to ‘build a bit of steel’ into yourself so you can handle these situations when they arise. Learn to believe in your abilities and tell yourself continually that others have been able to do it so there is no reason why you cannot. It was Winston Churchill who uttered those famous words – ‘We will never surrender’.

Seeking success? – start now

Have you ever been in a position where you wanted to accomplish something, but had trouble starting? Many people have dreams, but they find it difficult to turn those dreams into action. It’s easy to use excuses such as, ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘I’m busy’ or ‘I don’t have enough time at present’ to justify our inaction.

The fact is, it is never a good time and if you are ever to achieve any type of success you need to start now.

Embrace your goals and make them part of you. Remind yourself of what you are aiming for and set your targets. You will never achieve your goals and become successful if you don’t take the initiative and take the first step.

Start to commit yourself and focus on pushing yourself hard from day 1.

It’s important to start today, rather than tomorrow. Don’t start next week or next month because it will never happen. Do your research now for your new business and commit to a daily log of business ideas for future ventures. Make an appointment with your advisers and turn the appointment into a commitment for a starting date.

Whatever your ultimate goal is, make sure you take action while it is still fresh in your mind. Once you have started on your task you will find it easier and easier as you go along.

It’s far better to stop and then start again, than to stop and never start at all. The question is, ‘Do you want to start?’ and ‘Are you prepared to start now?’


The many myths about success

How you think of success will determine how successful you will become. As in most areas of our lives the thing that limits us the most is ourselves. There are many misconceptions about success.

Here are some of them, with answers.

  • Successful people don’t make mistakes:
    Wrong – they make plenty of mistakes and learn from them. They just don’t repeat them.
  • Some people will never be successful:
    – anybody can be a success. It’s a matter of having the desire and action to achieve.
  • You can only be successful if you play by the rules:
    Wrong – This is true to a certain extent. Successful people sometimes make up their own rules within the law.
  • You’ve got to work up to 70 hours a week to get anywhere:
    Sometimes – This is often true. Working long hours means nothing if you are doing the right thing and enjoying what you are doing. Remember, you’re building an investment for your future.
  • It takes luck to be successful:
    Wrong – Generally it takes hard work. A successful businessman once said that it was funny, but the harder he worked, the luckier he got.
  • You are only successful if you make a lot of money:
    Wrong – You have to define success as it applies to you personally. There are a lot of rich people who are not successful.
  • It’s only success if everybody knows about it:
    Wrong – Again, this is a personal situation. There are many successful people around and they are the only ones who know about it.
  • If you get helped along the way that’s not success:
    Wrong – The most successful people are those who have listened to advice from others because they recognised that the advice of other successful people contributed to their own success.
  • Success is a goal:
    Success at what? Success is a by-product of achieving the goals you set down.
  • Once I’m successful all my problems will be over:
    Wrong – It doesn’t matter how successful you are, if you are in business, expect to always have ups and downs. That’s simply par for the course.

The 15 must-dos for success you should commit to memory

Here is a list of must-dos for success:

  1. Must plan.
  2. Must get knowledge.
  3. Must ensure cash is king.
  4. Must know my strengths.
  5. Must delegate where necessary.
  6. Must employ good staff.
  7. Must keep costs down.
  8. Must put in proper systems.
  9. Must not take too much money for personal use.
  10. Must follow successful business techniques.
  11. Must market my products.
  12. Must sell what my customers want – not what I want.
  13. Must carry out good marketing.
  14. Must have an experienced and motivated sales team.
  15. Must never, ever give up.