Enemies and others can dob you in

Tell IRD about tax cheats

If you know or suspect an individual or business is cheating the tax system or committing tax fraud, you can tell IRD about it anonymously. IRD can’t identify you as the source of any information you provide anonymously. Anyone who doesn’t pay their tax isn’t paying for their share of the services we all use.

Common types of evasion are:

  • not paying or underpaying tax
  • giving false information to claim too much Working for Families Tax Credits
  • hiding income to avoid paying child support
  • not paying PAYE on employees’ wages

IRD will assess the information and decide whether to take it further.

If they find the taxpayer is cheating the tax system, they may charge penalties and/or prosecute them.

You can send IRD the information online using the Report tax evasion or fraud anonymously (IR873) service.

Give IRD as much detail as possible when completing the form.

If you don’t have internet access you can:

  • Call IRD on 0800 225 610 to speak to them anonymously or to set up an appointment to meet them at one of their local offices
  • Write to IRD at:
    Inland Revenue
    PO Box 39010
    Wellington Mail Centre
    Lower Hutt 5045