Fraud and identity theft

Alert on fraud and identity theft

It’s infrequent, but people sometimes:

  1. create fake documents or identities or intentionally provide incorrect information to pay less tax or get money from Inland Revenue – and that’s fraud
  2. use another person’s IRD number to get money from Inland Revenue – and that’s identity theft, which is a form of fraud


What IRD are doing

IRD take fraud seriously. Their systems are designed to prevent people from receiving refunds they aren’t entitled to. They’re also designed to protect your personal information. IRD use sophisticated technology, information from other government agencies and data analysis to detect and monitor suspicious activity, ranging from basic scams to complex and organised criminal activities.

If they find someone has attempted or committed fraud, they take tough action immediately. They’re also a member of the Welfare Fraud Collaborative Action Programme along with the Ministry of Social Development, Accident Compensation Corporation and Housing New Zealand, with support from New Zealand Police.

They work together to identify and take appropriate action when someone attempts to commit welfare fraud against one or more of these agencies.


How you can help get it right

  1. Keep your IRD number and identity information safe.
  2. Contact IRD if you suspect your identity has been misused.
  3. Complete a Report tax evasion or fraud anonymously (IR873) form if you suspect any inappropriate activities or if you suspect someone of misusing someone’s identity.
  4. If you receive an Inland Revenue-related email or text you think seems suspicious email IRD at They’ll never ask you to text or email them your personal information.
  5. Make sure you know what you need to do to get your taxes right. For example, include all your income and only claim legitimate expenses in your tax returns. If you need help, talk to your tax advisor.