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Who We Are.

About MyAccountant

MyAccountant is an online accountant network operated by The Accountants Online Group and Partners. MyAccountant are Tax Accountants – qualified accountants and tax experts who specialise in tax. We provide a professional service that focus on ensuring every business owner has his or her own “personal accountant” for their business. A personal accountant they can talk to and who always rings them back.

Every business owner needs that caring highly capable adviser from the “school of hard knocks”.

Someone experienced and street savvy. Someone who looks past the dollars and sees a real person, often with a family totally dependent on the success of their business, who needs 24/7 support, down to earth plain language help, sound expert advice and back-up at an affordable price.

Someone who’s not afraid to take on the IRD if necessary to protect their client’s rights when thing get sticky. Someone who, if they believe their client is right, will put their client’s interest before their own or their firm’s “good name and reputation”. Someone who returns the client’s calls promptly and keep their word.

…….A new breed of accountant.

Teams are experienced

We have been in the professional accounting business for over 40 years so we are highly experienced. Each partner in the network is a specialist because a client’s accounting and tax work must leave no room for error. All work must be accurate and correct under Tax Law in order to avoid problems with the tax authorities. We work closely with our partners to ensure that every client is looked after well, no matter how small or how complex their business issues or problems.

MyAccountant’s main condition for acceptance of a new accountant into our network is a signed letter of assurance from all persons involved pledging that above all else they will provide personal attention and look after every client well and to the best of their ability – no matter what. It’s not just about money.

Registered Tax Agents.

MyAccountant and partners are fully registered tax agents with the Inland Revenue Department of N.Z. We know Inland Revenue well. We have worked with the IRD tax officers for many years. Nevertheless, MyAccountant are 100% independent and work only for the client’s best interest, not the IRD or anyone else.

Our partner publishes a Tax Guide

MyAccountant are tax experts whose parent company publishes “The New Zealand Tax Guide“,  the largest tax help site in Australasia. When all’s said and done, the one area that MyAccountant know a bit about is tax. Clients receive the full benefit of this. If you come to us for help you will be receiving professional work and support from one of the leaders in professional tax and accounting in NZ.

MyAccountant is online

The internet is the ideal medium for providing top accounting and tax help because of its speed and efficiency. Using the internet means we can help anyone anytime anywhere 24/7. Whether you operate in the big cities or around rural NZ or even in the “wop wops”somewhere, we can act as your accountants and protect and help you and your business quickly and efficiently without having to frequently meet with you, simply because of the internet.

By operating 100% online, we are able to complete all your financial accounts and reports, calculate your best tax position, file your tax and GST returns on time and provide 24/7 business advice to you with minimum fuss, all at a low cost

NZ Owned

MyAccountant is 100% NZ owned and operated.