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Full Guarantees

Our Guarantee

We guarantee to lower your present accounting fees while applying every legal strategy to minimise your tax.
We will never charge you more than what you have been already paying for the same work you require.
If you are unhappy with our work in any way, simply return all papers and tax returns that we’ve completed, sign our client change form and your fee will be refunded in full – no questions asked

Important – Please note

Queue – We work to a queue system. As soon as we receive your inquiry form, we place you in the queue. All our work is done on a “first in, first out” basis, so please inquire early. We work to complete all your work within 10 working days but completion is still subject to the queue in fairness to all clients.

 Years – This Fee Discount Special applies to the 2018 tax year only. If you need help or work for any other years, please contact us. We can help with whatever you need, and we can organise a “payment by affordable instalments” deal for you if you are behind with your tax or GST.

Fast turnaround – We work fast. We are specialists and our teams are experienced accountants, so we’ll complete your work promptly. We aim to complete all your financials and tax within 10 working days – sometimes well before. The only holdup will come from any delays from you so send us your information and answers to our queries promptly when requested. We strictly honour our queue system to ensure fairness to all, so come aboard early.