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How It Works

Just 10 Easy Steps

  1. YOU – Complete our Business Enquiry Form
    We ask you to complete our online Business Enquiry Form. This form simply requests initial details about you and your business so we can quickly assess how we can best help. You complete the form, then submit it electronically to us.
  2. WE – We confirm receipt of your enquiry and email you more info
    Once we have checked your enquiry form, we acknowledge receipt and email you some information plus your own personal access code to view our huge Tax Guide. We explain the steps involved from then on for you and us. If we have questions or need more details from you this will be sorted out here.
  3. YOU – Complete our Business Questionnaire and submit it to us
    Once we are satisfied that all is in order, we drop our easy to complete “Business Questionnaire” into your “Dropbox” (or we email you) for you to complete and submit to us. We immediately “link” you into the Inland Revenue Department system so that we can represent you as your Tax Agent and have access to your file within the IRD. This simple IRD “linking process “tells the IRD that you are now our client and that we will be responsible for your business and personal tax returns (plus GST returns if you are registered for GST) and all other tax matters.
  4. WE – Check the questionnaire and confirm.
    We look over all sections of the Business Questionnaire to make sure we have all the answers needed to complete your accounting work efficiently. Where necessary we may ask you for further answers to questions that you’ve missed or not fully completed. We send you our brief “Ooops…more answers please” form for this.
  5. YOU – Supply us with further answers.
    You supply us with the answers requested in our brief “Ooops…more answers please” form (this form is sent out only to those we need more information from).
  6. YOU– Provide us with your bank statement (and credit card) transactions information
    We ask you to put into your Dropbox, all bank statement transactions for your business for the full year or for the months relating to the period we are doing your accounting work for. This process is simple and takes 3 minutes to do. (If you don’t have Dropbox we’ll join you to ours so we can share files and data). We prefer transfer of things via Dropbox (as it is secure and backed up) but you can also email files to us (less preferred) when we ask for them.
  7. WE – We commence your accounting and tax work as well as tax returns and GST returns (if required)
    We upload your data into our online accounting software, then complete your financial accounts, reports, tax results and tax/GST returns and finalise your reports. We now have your full financial and tax position ready for forwarding to you by putting inside your Dropbox.
    (Later, as you become more proficient you will be able to access your accounting software yourself if you wish including upload transactions, code them and do many other things. You will also be able to view your financial information, reports, tax returns and GST returns any time you want from anywhere in the world – just login. You can do as much or as little as you wish. We will do whatever you don’t want to do yourself).
  8. WE – Write to you and courier you our full reports
    We assemble all your reports and send you a full explanatory letter setting out your business results, profit your business made, income distributed to you and others (if necessary) and the tax you and your business will be required to pay (if any) or refunds that’ll be due to you. We then courier you our full annual financial reports and tax results in a special folder so you have copies of everything including tax returns for your record,
  9. WE – check all your tax returns and lodge with the IRD.
    We check your tax returns again. After you have viewed the tax returns contained in the folder, email us confirmation that you are happy with everything and that no further changes to the returns are required. We then sign off all tax returns on your behalf and lodge them with the IRD.
  10. WE – close your file and look after your tax affairs during the year
    Once we do our final checklist and sign off, we tidy up all paperwork and close your file. You file is automatically backed up on the “cloud” so it’s secure and accessible. During the year, IRD sends us your tax assessments (tax bill) and we go through them to ensure the tax we calculated ties up with what IRD arrived at. If it is different we take it up with the IRD.

Finally – We monitor your tax and send you reminders.

We keep a watch on the due dates for any tax due by you (or refund due to you) and send you reminders before the time arrives. This reminder is so you don’t miss the tax due dates. Paying on time means you avoid heavy tax penalties that the IRD levies for late payment.

Note: If you already use an online accounting software package then we’ll see if we can use it or not. Most probably we will ask you allow us to use our online accounting software in your work. If we have to use other firms accounting software we may need to charge for the extra time involved.