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Your Fee Discount Special

Our Fee Discount Special

Our Fee Discount Special plan is designed for any self-employed or business owner who run their business transactions predominantly through their business bank account and credit cards so there is an electronic record of their business income and expenditure. Our special only accepts digital records rather than manual records such as manual cashbooks or spreadsheets. If you maintain manual records we can still do your work but we cannot offer it under the Fee Discount Special low price.

Fee Discount Special offer price – $980 + gst (normal average $2,450 + gst)  – expires 30 November or earlier when available client nos are reached

 (Offer has a limited time – contact us early)

For any business that runs its business through bank accounts and credit cards

The Fee Discount Special offer is for any person or entity who is self employed or who runs a small or medium sized business under a Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Trust. The Fee Discount Special price applies to all types of business structures.

What’s included in what we do for our fee

  • Complete Statement of Income & Expenses (Profit & Loss Accounts)
  • Complete Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheets)
  • Complete Depreciation Schedules
  • Complete online Cashbook
  • Complete General Ledger
  • Complete full accounting reports
  • Complete & file all GST returns
  • Complete and file all partnership, company or trust tax returns
  • Complete and file all Personal tax returns for individual owner
  • Complete Tax Payable Schedule with IRD due dates
  • Calculate provisional tax if applicable
  • Monitor and remind for residual and provisional tax payments before payment due dates
  • Normal maximum of 600 transactions p.a – totally waived so no limits apply
  • Ensure you are compliant with all tax laws
  • Unlimited free advice available

Our Standard Pricing – Est (p.a)

Company Financial Accounts & Report  – $1,250 + GST
Company IR4 Tax Return  – $140 + GST
Individual shareholder IR3 tax returns (per one return)- $110 + GST
GST Returns (per one return) – $220 + GST
Year-round help and advice – normally $180 – $300 + GST

Partnership Financial Accounts & Report  – $880 + GST
Partnership IR7 tax return  – $140 + GST
Partners IR3 individual tax return (per one return)- $110 + GST
GST Returns (per one return) – $220 + GST
Year-round help and advice – normally $180 – $300 + GST

Trust Financial Accounts & Report – $880 + GST
Trust IR6 Tax Return – $140 + GST
Individual beneficiary IR3 tax returns – $110 + GST
GST Returns (per return) – $220 + GST
Year-round help and advice – normally $180 – $300 + GST

Average fee for a standard Coy– Est (p.a)

Company Financial Accounts – Average           1,350
Tax Returns – Coy x 1                                              140
Tax returns – Individual x 2                                   220
GST Returns x 2                                                       440                                                                                
Year-round advice                                                   280
Disbursements                                                           20
                                                                               2,450 + GST

Standard Plans are displayed under “Pricing” menu

You can view our complete standard plans and prices by going to the “Pricing” section.