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What We Do For You

We do everything online

The internet is the ideal medium for providing top accounting and tax help because of its speed and efficiency. Using the internet means we can help anyone anytime anywhere 24/7. Whether you operate in the big cities or around rural NZ or even in the “wop wops” somewhere, we can act as your accountants and protect and help you and your business quickly and efficiently without having to frequently meet with you, simply because of the internet.

By operating 100% online, we are able to complete all your financial accounts and reports, calculate your best tax position, file your tax and GST returns on time and provide 24/7 business advice to you with minimum fuss, all at a low cost

Being online Tax Accountants means:

  • No need for you to come to our offices – we save you time and fees by doing your accounting and tax work online
  • No more costly meeting times being charged to you
  • We interact online with you by Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Skype wherever you are in NZ – or overseas
  • No appointments or face to face meetings are required except when requested by you
  • Fast timely accounting and tax results completion through use of latest technology.
  • Low affordable fees possible by operating costs and overheads being slashed
  • We act as your accountants wherever you live and work from in NZ or Australia.
  • You can view your financial accounts and tax 24/7 from anywhere, anytime where there’s internet
  • Online processing means big savings in time and costs for you
  • You and accountant can communicate together 24/7 in real time.
  • Unlimited free year round advice via phone or email- no additional charge

This is how all accounting will be done soon – everything in the “cloud”, totally accessible and secure.

What we can do for you

Our Fee Discount Special is designed for any self employed and business owner who run their business thorough their bank accounts and credit cards rather than keep manual records such as cashbook, spreadsheets etc. That is, they have digital records.

Claiming expenses against self employed income is the area where a good tax accountant really comes out on his or her own.Their knowledge of what and how to claim can mean a lower tax bill and savings of hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

What’s included in what we do for you

  • Complete accounting for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies or Trusts
  • Complete Income & Expense Statement or Profit & Loss Account
  • Complete Balance Sheets if required
  • Complete Depreciation Schedules
  • Complete Cashbook
  • Complete General Ledger
  • Complete GST Reports
  • Complete Financial Statement Reports
  • Complete & file all GST returns (if GST registered)
  • Provide Tax Payable Schedule with due dates for payment to the IRD
  • Complete and file owners, partners or shareholder’s tax returns
  • Complete all necessary forms and schedules to go with returns
  • Calculate provisional tax where applicable
  • Monitor and provide reminders for all tax payments before their due dates
  • Ensure you are compliant with all tax laws
  • Provide you with free unlimited tax advice (by email first then by phone)