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Anywhere in NZ or Australia.


The world has changed. Just about everything is online now.

And because of this, MyAccountant has evolved to being 100% online accountants and tax advisers. This means we can look after your accounting and tax requirements regardless of where you live or work. That’s right. Professional help with a click of the mouse. It’s that simple.

Through the internet and use of online tools and software, full accounting help is immediately provided to you and your business wherever you’re located in NZ or Australia – all without having to meet with us face to face. Whether you live in the main cities or in a small isolated community or in the “wop-wops” somewhere in Aotearoa or Oz, online means no more borders.

We can be your accountants online simply because we don’t need to be located close to you anymore to provide you with top professional help.

  • We’ll work hard to represent your interests and protect you from any business difficulty or legal fight or any potential tax audit or investigation.
  • You’ll never have to step out of your workplace or home to see us because we interact and communicate via phone, email or Skype.
  • Our system means you can be in contact with us instantly and view all your financial and tax information online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection.
  • Going totally online means we no longer need to operate from flash expensive offices or to maintain a so called “professional image”, all of which clients pay for with high fees.
  • Many other operational costs and overheads can also be done away with or reduced.
  • You’ll increase sales and save hours of chargeable hours by not having to see us face to face (unless necessary) during the year. You don’t need to take time off to see your accountant anymore.

Best of all, it translates to low more affordable fees for you, our client, without diminishing the top level professional service and support we provide.

Everything is done online.

And, of course, you can view your results and files online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. However if you wish to meet with us face to face any time over coffee, that’s ok too.

So make contact today and let us take care of all your accounting and tax problems – wherever you’re located in NZ or Australia.