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View Online Anytime.

You can view your files, profit results and tax returns from anywhere anytime – they’re all online

  1. We can be your accountant wherever you are in NZ or Australia.
    Through the marvel of the internet, we can represent you as your accountants regardless of where you live in NZ or Australia. Whether you live in the main cities or in a small isolated community somewhere, online means no borders apply anymore. You never have to step out of your workplace or home to see us yet you can be in contact with us 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  2. View everything 24/7 from anywhere
    You are able to view your financial accounts and tax results anytime you wish to by simply logging into your secure “Dropbox” account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. So whether you’re holidaying in the south of France or visiting friends in London or doing business in Jerusalem, all your accounting and tax information, financial accounts and tax returns are there for viewing whenever you want to in your Dropbox account. And if you want to respond to us after viewing your Dropbox account, all you do is email, text or call us. It’s that easy.
  3. As your accountant we can hook up together in real time.
    Let’s say you are a tradesman/plumber on the phone with me, your accountant. I bring up for viewing your business accounts and tax information and now I’m looking at all you files and financials on my computer screen. At the same time you also bring up on your computer screen exactly the same tax information and business accounts I’m looking at. All in real time.Now both of us are talking to each other on the phone while we’re both viewing the same data and information.  As we go through and discuss various issues together via our mobile phones, you make comments or provide me with answers in response to questions I have. I writes your comments down for later action.
  1. Finalise all issues immediately online.
    It most cases however, as your accountant I will makes changes or additions immediately onscreen to your cashbook or ledger as you provides me right then and there with answers to my questions. And remember, each time you refresh your screen, your business accounts and tax results show they’ve just been updated by me.

An Example

Say I’m your accountant.

You and I are on the net and logged in to your online “cloud” accounting system that we set up for you. We’re both looking at your business cashbook displayed (in our accounting software) on our own individual screens, from our separate locations.

  1. I ask you questions about some transactions (that we a can both see) in your cashbook – e.g. what was a particular payment (or deposit) for
  2. You easily recall what it was so you (or I) instantly correct the code that the transaction had initially been coded (or allocated) to.
  3. Little by little every “unclear” transaction is immediately sorted out while we’re online and talking on our phones to each other.
  4. Your business results and tax liability are immediately updated and your accounting is complete.
  5. We end our internet link and log off.

The whole online interaction has taken 25 minutes and we’re both happy that everything is now in order and correct.

And here’s the neat part of it all.

While online, I was connected to you through my laptop in my hotel room in Toronto, Canada where I was attending a business conference. And you told me later you were linked to me via internet from an apartment in Melbourne, Australia where you were holidaying.

So our hook up took place (for you) at 2 pm on Thursday afternoon in Melbourne while it was 11pm (for me) on the evening of the day before (Wednesday) in Toronto. We sorted your accounting issues very quickly and you signed off on your profit statements. I then finalised and included a copy of your financial accounts with your business tax return before lodging them with the IRD.

So, all done.

The beauty of online.