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Why Fees Are Low

How much will it cost

A question we’re often asked is “how much is it going to cost?”

For an individual tax return, this is easy to answer. However, for businesses, while we can provide quotes, it’s impossible to have one set fee for all, as everyone’s business is different. Some clients provide us with full spreadsheets that helps us greatly. Others send us the infamous ‘shoebox’ of papers and bits and want us to do the lot. Some employ bookkeepers, others will do it themselves. Some use accounting software, others list payments on scraps of paper.

All these variables impact on the time it takes to complete the work required, and ultimately the fee.

We’re able to offer low fees

All fees are based on the time taken to complete a client’s accounting and tax work.

The fees your accountant charges is usually based on an hourly rate. That hourly rate is determined by the operational costs of the business while keeping within standard fee levels charged by peers. The rates for fees incorporate the costs of operating the accountant’s business – expenses such as staff wages, rent, power, stationery, insurance, vehicle costs, advertising and general expenditure.

With today’s technology and tools it’s no longer necessary to do things face to face – almost everything can now be done online 95% of the time via phone, email, fax and Skype. We dispense with expensive big fancy offices, costly city parking and all the trimmings that go with promoting an image. We are old school and down to earth.

Our accountant partners are mainly sole proprietors with extensive tax expertise and a record of past success. They bring on experienced skilled staff to assist during peak times. All this translates to less staff, less rent, less overheads and overall reduction in our accountant partners’ operating costs. This in turn means our fees can be dramatically lowered so they’re affordable by all.

A win-win for everyone.

Fixed Fee

We mainly work on a fixed fee model which clients prefer because then they know exactly what their fee will be for the year. It means clients won’t get nasty surprises and no unexpected big bills. Clients pay periodically. We split the estimated yearly fee so clients can pay in monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly instalments. They can also chose to pay yearly in one sum.

Choose a plan

Go to “Prices – Choose a Plan” and select the plan that suits you best