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Before you start – set up your “My Stuff” account”

Make sure that you’ve set up your “My Stuff” account “first. It’s simple, Setting up your personal “My Stuff” allows you to log in anytime to view your personal profile, financials and reports, communications and tax position etc.

If while viewing you have a query or a comment to make, simply click the “Contact Us” button and a screen will appear that allows you to enter and send us a message or your instructions.

Business Questionnaire – answer all questions.

Completing the Online Business Questionnaire is easy. It should take you between 30 – 45 minutes depending on whether you have all the information required handy and available.

Please answer all questions fully so we have correct information for the completion of your business financial statements and reports as well as your correct tax liability.

Incorrect or incomplete answers will delay completion of your financial and tax work which in turn could mean you miss the critical tax timelines.

2 Ways to send your Business Questionnaire.

You can complete and send your questionnaire to us in 2 ways:

  1. a) ONLINE
    Bring up the Business Questionnaire form, enter all details, answers all questions, then hit SUBMIT and it will be electronically received by us immediately
  2. b) MANUAL
    If you’re not online, simply Download and print out the Business Questionnaire form, complete all details and POST to us at – P.O Box 317-072, Auckland.0664, NZ

Before You Start – Get everything together.

Before you start your questionnaire – get together the following information so you’re not held up. Taking a few minutes to do this will save you time and headaches in the long run.

Here is a brief list of the main things you may have to find papers or answers for:

Personal Details

  1. Name. DOB, address, phone, email,
  2. IRD no, Photo ID verification such as NZ Drivers Licence, NZ Passport

Business Details

  1. 1 – Business name, type, address, IRD no (if you’re not a sole trader), GST (if you’re reg.)
  2. 2 – Brief details of the accounting software package you use (if you use one)

Bank Transaction Info

  1. List of business & private bank accounts and credit cards used in the business
  2. All cheque butts (if you use cheques) and deposit book butts
  3. List of cheques and deposits you’ve made up to 31 March 2017 but not yet showing in bank statements till after 31 March.(if any)

Assets & Liabilities

  1. List of any fees still due to you and all bills still due by you as at 31 March 2017 (if any)
  2. List and cost of “assets” you started business with – e.g. car, computer, equipment, furniture etc
  3. List of “assets” you bought (incl cost) or sold (incl price of sale) during the year (if any)
  4. Paperwork for any loans you took out for the business (If any)

Business Income & Expenses

  1. Untaxed income, interest or dividends etc you rec during the year (if any)
  2. List of any biz expenses paid thru your personal account or ccard (if any)
  3. Details of any private vehicles used in the business (if any)
  4. If you use part of your home or flat in your business – details of home costs (e.g. rent or Mtge interest, insurance, rates, power, water etc)


  1. Papers re purchase of business if bought by you (if you bought it)
  2. If an existing business, copies of last 2 yrs accounts & tax returns done by previous accountant
  3. If qualify for Working for Family credits – names and IRD nos of your children
  4. Details of any income rec by you on top of that from your business (if any)
  5. Details of income & expenses of rental properties (if you have any)
  6. Receipts for any donations made to schools, churches, charities, Govt childcare etc (if any)


That’s it. The rest you can put together as you complete the questionnaire.